• Abundant Natural Gas in the USA… Let’s Use It!

Novello GTL builds plants which create gasoline. Instead of using crude oil, our solution uses lower priced and abundant natural gas sourced from the USA. Our gasoline meets and exceeds all industry specifications using proven chemistry which used to be too expensive to utilize when crude oil was below $50 dollars a barrel. Our unique small-scale design is built for fast permitting and construction so the decade plus time frames common to the industry can be cut drastically.  We intend to own and operate our own plants but we can build and even operate one for you. Our country could use almost 250 of our plants just to stop importing gasoline from other countries. We would need thousands of our plants to offset the importation of crude oil.  Stay tuned to see how our proven team of energy industry executives combined with project development, financing, and operational expertise takes advantage of the technology revolution which has renewed our natural gas market.


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